Magpie: our digital consultation platform


What is Magpie?

A digital consultation platform that gets you from data to insight transparently and robustly. 

What is Magpie for?

Magpie is designed with to make participation easy, so it's ideal for consultations, surveys and any other situation where you need to receive and analyse responses to open and closed questions.

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We can provide you with secure, external access to our reporting module, which gives you a window into the consultation as it happens. We can discuss your needs with you and provide you with access to the reports you require. Examples of what we can give real time access to are:

  • Number of responses and the rate at which they are being received;
  • Which key stakeholders and other respondents have replied and what they have said;
  • Emerging themes and ideas.

This means you get input into your decision making process right from the very first responses being received.

What's so good about Magpie?

Magpie is a consultation platform designed with real consultations in mind. It collates data from any source, because in the real world not everyone responds online. It enables transparent, sentence-level thematic analysis, because you need to be confident you’ve considered all the issues. And it has a powerful, customisable reporting dashboard that puts results at your fingertips.

Our team of engagement experts are on hand to help you get the most out of the system, and we offer scalable packages of analysis support when you need extra resource to deal with your data.

Magpie is the latest version of the system we have successfully used since 1999, running consultations, of every size, on every topic and for a diverse range of clients. We have taken all the lessons learned from dealing with hundreds of thousands of responses to give you a system which makes even the biggest and most controversial consultations easy to handle.


So what does Magpie offer you?

Everything! We have built on our many years of experience in consultations to create a fully featured system that covers every step of a consultation. Magpie embodies our trademark rigour in dealing with responses, ensuring that every word is read, analysed and influences the findings. The system:

  • Is completely web based - it can be accessed from anywhere
  • Is based on the latest and most secure technologies
  • Uses a user focused interface which is intuitive and easy to use for those who are new, but still incorporates powerful tools for analysis and report writing when you need them
  • Can be used to set up a new consultation or project from scratch extremely quickly
  • Carefully tracks responses through the process, from receipt to report, giving you a complete audit trail that stands up to scrutiny


How do I know that Magpie is secure and that my data will be safe?

All communications with Magpie are transferred over HTTPS. This means that everything you type is encrypted on your computer before being sent to us and visa versa, so that no-one else can read it. 

 Magpie is hosted off-site on Microsoft Azure virtual servers. This means we can easily recover all data if there was ever a problem at our offices.

These virtual servers utilise the Azure SQL Server, which means that storage is both secure and easily scalable.

Magpie also utilises the Microsoft Azure Business to Consumer service (B2C) to manage user authentications. This standardises the storage and authentication processes on a scalable, secure platform. It also uses security 'tokens' for authentication which ensure that your information is protected.


For more information on Magpie, please contact with Lucy Farrow or Robin Kimber

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